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• One-room Schools of North East

Northeast has a long history of leading the area in education. Settlers began arrive in Erie County is 1794. There was only one settler in North East that year, but in 1795 there were two more and five more settlers followed in 1796. In 1797 seven more settled here, followed by nine more in 1798. That means, in 1798 by the time North East had established the first building in Erie County to be used exclusively as a school, there were at the most, twenty-four families residing here. North East residents apparently saw the value of an educated populace.

The subject of our one-room schools is extremely popular due to the fact that many people living here today once attended one of the now-closed schools. There were seventeen of these individual schools until the last were closed after the 1951-52 school year.

Dick Tefft, author of A History of North East Township Schools, first published in 2004 and reprinted in 2005, was given to the McCord Memorial Library to use a fundraiser. For those interested in obtaining a copy, there is a limited number for purchase at the library.



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