Greetings from the North East Historical Society!

Whether you’re a relatively new resident of North East or are proud to call yourself a life-long member of the community, you have undoubtedly admired North East’s rich heritage. Perhaps it’s our beautiful Gibson Park, small-town atmosphere or deep agricultural roots that are among your favorites. Of course, the North East Historical Society embraces these treasures, and during these brisk, wintry days of January and February our board of directors has been busy assembling an outstanding year of special programs and activities that commemorate how our unique past makes North East such an exciting community.

There’s so much more North East history to explore, but the society, sadly, doesn’t have enough members to raise the organization to the next level. For example, we’d love to expand our museum’s operating schedule, but there are simply not enough members to open the doors more often. Lack of members also limits our ability to bring in new exhibits, conduct more outreach programs or even perform simple building maintenance or cleaning. And, like all homeowners and businesses, we must absorb rising utility costs that, in our case, quickly drain proceeds from fundraising activities.

We invite you to fill out the membership form available to print out from this site and return it our post office box or bring it with you to our open house. As a member of the North East Historical Society you are helping to preserve our heritage.

Board of Directors, North East Historical Society



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