Iva Geraldine Smith (1922-2012)

The North East Historical Society has named our research collection
“The I. Geraldine Smith Research Collection”,
as a tribute to
one of our founding members who recently passed away.

gerri smith

Iva Geraldine Smith, who we all knew as “Gerrie”, passed away July 12, 2012, at age 90. Without Gerrie there might have never been a North East Historical Society. She came to our community in 1957 and became the head librarian at McCord Memorial Library at that time. She held that position until 1984 and during her tenure made serious additions to their historical collection. While doing this, she recognized that North East needed a larger, better suited repository for the community’s history.

It was in early 1990 that a group headed by Gerrie and Mary Ann Larsen was granted a charter forming the North East Historical Society. In 1998 she started a drive to acquire the vacant Crescent Hose Fire Hall to turn it into “The North East Cultural Center”, shared by the historical society and The North East Arts Council.

Until the North East Historical Society Museum opened in 2002 Gerrie collected and stored in her house all the historical information she could get her hands on including many artifacts. The material she collected formed the nucleus of the collection housed in the museum today which contains thousands of pieces of information in dozens of file cabinet drawers. Even after her original collection was in place in the museum, she continued to collect. When her grandchildren cleaned out her house they found much more information which they turned over to the historical society to be included in the collection.



We remember Gerrie and all of her hard work as an active member in the North East Community!



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