Historic Vignettes of North East, PA :: By Dick Tefft

This book is full of short stories about North East and its people.
It consists of 193 pages with over 80 stories and more than 160 photos and illustrations!!


You will learn of people from North East who “made it big” in the country and worldwide, the Underground Railroad in North East, and previously untold history and stories of the town’s assets and people.

The book is called “Vignettes” because it consists of short and easy-to-read stories and you can pick it up and put it down as time allows.

Looking for your copy? Stop by the historical society while we're open & purchase a copy for you or as a gift for a friend! This book is available for $25!

Have you read "A Look at North East Through Vintage Postcards" yet? Read more about this book and make sure to pick up for you copy for just $22!

See you at the museum!



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