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• "North East and the Volunteer Fire Dept"
presented by Patrick Newbold

He used the "eyes and voice" of a fictional NEFD firefighter C.J. Case.

He told the history of the NEFD from before their organization, the formation of each company and the years after the formation up to about the mid 1900’s visualized as one actually living during that period. The history covered the major fires of 1800’s as well as the “great fire” of 1884 that facilitated the formation of the Fuller and Crescent hose companies that exist today.

• Learned why they chained the fire truck to a tree in the park
• Examined the story behind the Gray Ghost
• Discovered why North East played prominently in one of the first mutual    aid calls using the newly organized Erie Fire Department
• Explored how two separate fire companies came to be.
• Explained what the first fire alarm system was.
• Why did the anti-saloon league play a significant part in the NEFD history?







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